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Network Manager

Location: Columbus, OH
Job Type: Direct Hire
Hourly: $39.00 - $55.00
Degree: Bachelor;
Date: 10/13/2017
Job ID: 02531945
Job Description
Under general direction, is responsible for managing the network infrastructure and supervising the activities of network personnel; performs related duties as required.
Examples of Work
Manages network infrastructure including connectivity components such as fiber-optic, wireless, telecommunications, local area networks, wide area networks, the Internet, intranets, and other network infrastructure components and related technology;
Advises upper management regarding the design, development, and implementation of network systems; facilitates and integrates all network infrastructure;
Supervises and manages the activities of network services and data communications staff; monitors all personnel and labor matters and approves staff leave requests;
Designs incremental builds to a fiber-optic network infrastructure including developing the bid specification package, hosting pre-bid meetings and walkthroughs, leading the bid evaluation team, and making contract award recommendations to the director;
Manages the  contracts with service providers responsible for assisting the organization with the design, selection, integration, and implementation of network infrastructure; provides access to resources that will assist with the development and implementation of the District's network infrastructure;
Develops network design concepts for new or remodeled facilities providing specifications to the architects/contractors for how each facility will be cabled and what standard equipment shall be used; works with the architects/contractors and/or engineering firms to ensure these designs are included in the actual building design;
Monitors the performance of the network through network management and diagnostic programs and utilities; adjusts network for maximum efficiency; maintains and analyzes records of network activity and recommends and implements network software and hardware as needed;
Diagnoses network problems, such as connectivity or operability failures, and makes repairs and adjustments or obtains services from vendors;
Directs the development, preparation, submission, and implementation of budgets and other financial information, special reports, plans, and other data required for network infrastructure management;
Coordinates and manages policies and program objectives for network infrastructure; designs and implements special projects that enhance the achievement of network infrastructure initiatives;

Monitors the network system and troubleshoots to ensure full up-time of network operability; conducts network audit checks and other appropriate activities to improve network capabilities;
Prepares documents, correspondence, and technical reports; develops technical standards, manuals, and guidelines for network infrastructure management;
Stays abreast of new technologies and industry standards.

Minimum Qualifications
Possession of a bachelor's degree with significant coursework (21 semester or 32 quarter hours) in mathematics, engineering, telecommunications, computer science, or a closely related field, and three (3) years of experience managing network infrastructure.  Substitution(s):  Additional years of the specified experience may substitute for the educational requirement on a year-for-year basis.

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