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EDI Professional / Software Developer (Remote available)

Location: Any US City
Job Type: Direct Hire
Salary: $75,000.00 - $100,000.00
Degree: Bachelor of Science;
Date: 11/4/2017
Job ID: 02538784
Job Description
EDI Professional / Software Developer (Remote work available) - Flexibility on salary dependent upon location and/ or experience.
If you want to work from home and can do the job I'd like to speak with you regardless of salary requirements.

The primary function of this position is EDI implementation, maintenance and support
The secondary function is software development, Python to create Automated Test Scripts for QA.

Can work from home office or onsite (Southern CA or Indianapolis, IN) We are looking for an EDI professional that can pretty much stand on their own. Must have experience with Bots EDI Translator, or in-depth EDI knowledge/experience, Python development experience and a Unix/Linux scripting background. Company is a well-funded start-up. Set to be profitable by 2018 at current trajectory. However, continued market growth is also an option which will delay profitability attainment, but improve over-all value. This company like many other start-ups has experienced both rapid growth and the problems that come with such growth. This led to significant but over-all positive change. They now accomplish about 10X the volume with 1/3 fewer staff and have a laser focus on who they are what they want to be. This should be an excellent time to join this company. This position is considered a critical need to ensure customer satisfaction and continued growth.


Primary Functions / Responsibilities:
Design and develop an EDI system that is appropriate for the company
Develop, test, and implement EDI transaction maps.
Utilize / incorporate required EDI standards to ensure compatibility with various customers. 
Troubleshoot FTP networking and services
Set up and edit reports. MongoDB / AWS
Maintain EDI documentation and provide updated documents (EDI capabilities of the company) to prospective customers and vendors.
Review business requirements with corporate decision makers and transform those requirements into technical specifications 
Create test cases. 
Support the system’s operations, identify and solve problems with sending or receiving transactions. 
Keep the EDI system and the transactions that flow through it secure.
Ensure technical / business issues are resolved quickly 
Work with new trading partners to set up their EDI systems to help them to transmit data quickly and efficiently.
Collaborate with existing trading partners to enhance and upgrade their current systems concurrently.
Monitor EDI transactions to guarantee that they are sent and received properly.
Work with other IT staff to plan and install upgrades that are essential to the system being in good working order.
Troubleshoot system as required to ensure that information flows efficiently. 
Maintain a log of EDI trading partner contact information, record all contact the partners have had with one another.

Knowledge / Experience Required:
Must have a thorough understanding of EDI software, infrastructure, and the various standards utilized in EDI communication.
Know what business processes are critical to the company’s operations.
Recognize problems early and find and implement solution quickly. 

Since EDI activity comes in spurts, during slower or slack time develop automated test scripts in Python for QA.
Technical environment includes: AWS, Linux/Unix, MongoDB, Node.js, BOTS EDI, React, React Native, Go 

Candidate must currently reside in the USA to receive consideration for this position. 

EEO Statement: Our equal employment opportunity policy provides for a fair and equal employment opportunity for all job applicants regardless of race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, familial status, disability or genetic information, in compliance with applicable federal, state and local law. We recommend individuals to our clients solely on the basis of their qualifications for the job to be filled.

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