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EHS Manager - (02401167)

Min Salary: $65000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time
Listed Date: 9/13/2016
Degree: Bachelor Econ, Associate BA
If you're looking for an excellent EHS Mgr please consider this gainfully employed candidate.  Still, given the experience  / responsibility a bargain.  Target locals include - South Bend, Elkhart, Warsaw, Northwest Fort Wayne, Auburn, IN Etc.  Northern bound is Kalamazoo, MI.  Wants to keep commute an hour or less. 
  • Responsible for 8 facilities and 2000 employees corporate wide.
  • Most facilities can be reached by auto, but does travel about 2 overnights per month on average.
  • Responsible for 5 direct and 3 dotted line reports.
  • Has taken a See no / Speak no / Hear no environment to one that passes OSHA Audits.  
  • There's of course more to do, but they've come along way.
  • Very strong communicator.  When it comes to conflict resolution won't be pushed over or aside but won't bull their way past either.  Candidate has a solid understanding that work must go on, but if EHS issues aren't addressed eventually the costs will strongly out way the savings found in their negligence.
  • Safety programs implemented since coming aboard are the only ones rated A+ during the last OSHA Audit.  Company passed the audit.
  • Strengths include Training and Compliance knowledge (knows where to go for answers but also knows the standards.)


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