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Design and Product Development Consultant - (02242229)

Min Salary: $80000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time
Listed Date: 8/25/2015
Degree: Bachelor of Science ME
If you're like me and really enjoy working with really smart people, you'll love this candidate.  Imagine hiring someone that began programming at the age of 4, had a near perfect SAT score, was Valedictorian at 16 years of age and the list goes on....  This candidate:
  • has worked with a variety of CAD and 3D modeling software (Inventor, Solid Works, Pro E) and has the ability to become proficient in new software within a days time.
  • began professional engineering design work at 14 years of age
  • has Patents pending
  • can and has worked as a Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Engineering Team Lead / Manager, Test Engineer, Design Engineer (Product and Process) 
  • by normal measures would be considered early in their career
Bottom line, I was thoroughly impressed during our rather pleasant conversation and strongly believe that this is a candidate worth investing in.  Salary expectations and goals are quite reasonable given the talent of this engineering professional.  They would be inexpensive to relocate as they currently rent and have a low cost escape clause. 

This is a low risk extremely high potential candidate for almost any manufacturing engineering role. 

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