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Data Administrator/Programmer - (02236258)

Min Salary: $62000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time
Listed Date: 8/12/2015
Degree: Master , Bachelor
If you are looking for an IT talent that wants to learn, loves their work in IT and enjoys a challenge and you have an environment that supports such professionals, this is someone worth consideration.  Other factors: MS degree, 3 years current web development and 6 years total IT development experience at a very reasonable price.

Solid web developer working with PHP, MySQL, Java Script, HTML and currently gaining experience with CSS.  Would like to leverage current experience and continue to grow and learn as an IT professional.  Seeks greater challenge.  In school loved Java and would like to find an environment that could utilize this.  Right now if the candidate stays where they are technical growth and challenge is limited, although they are now using CSS more.  I wouldn't call this individual bored, just lacking a challenge worth more than the pay check.  A change in environment alone would be beneficial to see another way of doing the job, but an environment that is broader in scope and requires a more diverse skill set, which candidate has and cannot use would be fantastic.  

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